STORY SONG: How to Ask Questions About Experience

By StoryPaul

Asking questions in English always poses a challenge for learners. One of the reasons is that unlike other languages, in English you must add auxiliary verbs to create the question form.

Of course, there are many types of questions. Among them, one that is essential to understand and to master is the question about experience. People ask each other questions about experience all the time. It happens among friends, strangers and in especial situations like job interviews.

To make a question about experience, we use the form:

Have + you (ever) + Past Participle of the MAIN VERB 

The adverb ever emphasizes the idea of experience from the time you were born until today.
  • Have you ever studied abroad?
  • Have you ever wondered why we have deja vus?
  • Have you ever seen the rain coming down on a sunny day?
The last question was asked by the roots American rock band Credence Clearwater Revival in their classic hit "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?". This is a song from 1971 when rock bands were asking questions and using metaphors - such as this one - to protest the war in Vietnam. This song, however, has lived beyond that era and has been covered by dozens of artists, among them: The Spin Doctors, REM, and Rod Stewart.

It's a simple song that asks a simple question, which may go a little deeper. Think about what it means to you, as you watch the lyrics video.

Can you make a question about life experience with: HAVE YOU EVER... ?


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