VIDEO TEACHER: How to Make Fun & Easy Video Lessons

By StoryPaul

Not too many years ago, when I used to work in television production, making even a moderate quality video required a skilled crew and very expensive equipment. You also needed good contacts to get anyone to see what you made.

Today, a device you hold in your hand – that isn’t terribly expensive - gives you great quality and you can instantly put it online and share it on social media with the world.

Now that I work in online language education, I am certain of one thing. We need more content from you and other teachers. We already have enough from publishers of educational content. It's OK, but for the most part lacks authenticity. We need organic, especially content in context.

Not too long ago, I decided to try my own blend of organic production to see how it would play out. So I created a Video Series for students called HIT THE ROAD PAUL using very simple tools, much like the ones you have today at home.

It turned out to be a good idea, so I feel like I owe it to my fellow teachers to share my experience and techniques so they can also create their own content in context. To do so, I put my ideas in the webinar that appears below.

In addition to that, I'm providing teachers who are interested with a Video Maker's Guide for Teachers and a Transcript of my webinar. (click the link)

Look, whatever you make doesn’t have to be perfect or compete with anyone. It has to be fun and interesting for you and your learners. The more you do, the better you get. Really.

This guide is to get you started, but experiment and do you your own thing. There are no limitations or rules.  It provide tips to language teachers on how they can create their own engaging language videos with simple tools and no previous experience.

Happy Video Making!


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