VIDEO TEACHER: Outatime - An English-Learning Adventure

By StoryPaul

It's not everyday you get to deliver your two passions into one big adventure.

As you probably know by now, I love storytelling as much as I love language education. I strongly believe the two go hand in hand.

This adventure began with a youth talent film production workshop I ran almost a year ago. And as a result of the great work - both in front of and behind the camera - my team and I were able to come up with an adventure called Outatime.

The sum of the episodes in Outatime is rich in content, yet short enough to make it an ideal language-learning tool for young learners at schools with a busy curricula. Additionally, the mix of science, history and geography that sustain the plot make it a prime candidate for use in a CLIL classroom.

Around the World & The Studio
As you'll probably gather from our trailer, production took place in different parts of the world, as well as in the studio. Post production took months. So in addition to the excellent performance by the cast, the final cut features the type of visual and sound effects that breathe life into these stories and that audiences of high budget productions have come to expect. The only difference, our budget was a fraction of shoestring.

Outatime is basically a 7 part edutainment video and text adventure designed for young English learners. As the story unfolds, we join four very special children as they travel through time and space in search of their father. Yet in their quest, they discover startling information about our past and future.

Licensing for Schools
Outatime is designed for schools and language education centers to view and work under the guidance of a teacher. It's a multi-media package, in that it includes the video episodes along with a study guide to provide relevant vocabulary, reading, exercises and post-viewing activities.

In addition to exploiting the material from a strict language focus, the study guide includes activities across a range of school subjects, among them: history, geography, math, science, and media studies. Each of these shares a connection to the story, the characters or themes within.


7 video episodes
7 digital guides with vocabulary, reading, grammar, exercises and activities.
Teacher training with creator


- Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing tasks
- Individual work
- Group work

Language Focus
- B1, B2 Grammar skills
- Idioms, Phrasal Verbs, Collocations
- Describing people, actions and events
- Storytelling
- CLIL activities (History, Geography, Math, Science, Media Studies)

Legal & Disclaimer: All children working in this film had the full permission of their parent or legal guardian to participate. All seemlingly dangerous images are the result of digital post production and posed no threat to either the cast or crew. Information about the cast is not available to the public.

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