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Opening Doors With a Foreign Language

by Paul Ponce

If you are up to speed on the news, you probably know that US President Donald Trump recently visited Asia. Depending on where you stand on this particular president, you may have heard different things about this trip. But in China, what really made an impact during Trump's recent visit was his 6-year-old granddaughter Arabella singing and speaking perfect Mandarin Chinese. Not just an impact. Her video went totally viral in China.

Unfortunately, most in the West are not aware this even happened or that it matters. But it does. Americans are generally perceived as having little to no interest in other cultures when they travel abroad. And while it is easy to pin that characteristic on conservative Americans, it is a fact that the overwhelming majority of Americans in both red and blue states speaks only one language and has little concern about their children doing otherwise. Or at least, plenty of other issues have priority over this one at your average PTA meetin…

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